The title kind of explain what's up, but basically, is it harder to increase speed on high gauge strings with a guitar that is rarely used for shred or other fast playing styles?

When I bought the Jazzmaster (Blacktop edition) it came with 9. gauge strings. I could play quite fast and with relative ease, however, I was getting a buzzing noise from the bridge (Jazzmaster Vintage Saddle). Apparently, the buzzing is common for Jazzmasters and the best way to fix it is to get higher-gauge strings. So, I changed to 11.s but now I'm finding it more difficult to play at a decent speed.

Is this expected from this kind of guitar with these strings? Or, should I change the bridge and go back to 9.s?
Alex Skolnik shreds rings around most people with 13s, suck it up and practice.
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Well, practically any guitar can be shredded with. I've used .11 strings for over 3 years and I can shred quite fast with them, just as fast as with .9s. I'd say it's just a question of getting used to it, but if you can fix the buzzing issue while still using .9s, there's no reason not to.
String gauge really has nothing to do with speed. If you're playing in the same tuning as you were with the 9s bending will be harder.
get 10?
i use .010 thru .052?and it sounds fine and the playability on them is amazing.
Ye, probably just gotta practice more. It's off to youtube to look up some picking excises!