I am thinking of buying the White Horse GT112 60W DSP Guitar Amp. Does anybody own or have any experience with this amp or brand? I am a bit of a noob and wanted to get a second opinion before buying it.
It's pretty terrible sounding, I would advise not to buy it.

New or used?
Genre's you play?
Are you going to be gigging?

etc etc..
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Budget= <£200
New or used: Not too bothered
Genres: mostly old rock, for example guns and roses, queen, that sort of thing.
I will not be gigging any time soon, I just want a nice amp to practice with, but i will be practicing with other people so it is best if it could be fairly loud.

At the moment I have a 10 watt bb blaster which is absolutely awful, so almost anything would be an improvement.
save up a bit and get a fender super champ XD its a great sounding amp, thats perfect for in your room and could even do small gigs if you need it to
Blackstar HT1R tbh.
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