okay so ive been playing guitar for almost a year now, i mostly play metal like metallica, I want to be able to write my own death metal songs and form a band, but I dont really know where to start, ill come up with some random palm mute power cord type riff but I can never really come up with something solid and origonal, any advice would be great
Yeah i know that i havent been playing long but ive been catching on really fast and want to keep improving so i just need some advice on how to really keep learning more and more, because i feel like i should be able to play anything but i keep forgetting i haven't had enough experience, so i just want to speed the process up as much as possible, practice isnt a problem i play sometimes for hours a day, i just need a good practice routine, usually ill just find more songs but i dont usually learn the entire song because certain parts are more difficult
Theres more to a song than just the guitar. I find most things I come up with are pretty simple and boring but with bass and drums behind it, it livens up a bit. Also, the only people who will ever notice your riffs and solos are technical or whatever are other musicians. Everyone else couldn't care less, as long as it's catchy/brutal/groovy/whatever.
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There is a whole plethora of things needed to play good death metal, so take things slow and learn one technique at a time. Picking is very important so learn all the different styles, like economy picking and alternate picking to start. It really takes a life time of devotion to the craft so hang with it!

EDIT: As far as writing good death lyrics, the best advice I can offer is avoid being cliche, so study that as well!
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