First of all, apologies in advance if this is in the wrong category. I'll blame on being new and all.

Anyway, I'm planning on playing (and singing) the acoustic version of Everlong (Foo Fighters) for my graded gcse music performance. I don't really know how that'd be graded with the singing/guitar ect. (music teacher is not the most helpful man in the world), but I know the song isn't exactly the most challenging thing to play. To anyone that's done the course, can I get a decent grade on that, or am I better just doing guitar and playing something 'harder'?

I'm a girl, if that makes any difference.

Well it's really not the hardest song on earth. If you can sing, sing. Because, if I would be a music teacher I would want to hear both things, your singing and your guitar playing

On the otherside, I really don't know what GCSE is, but I hope I could help
Performed mine in July. I played 'The Wind Cries Mary' by Jimi Hendrix and got full marks, A*. Basically just play the song perfectly . If you know the song inside-out and and can play and sing it flawlessly you'll achieve the top marks with ease. Just put the effort in and you most definitely will be rewarded.