Hey guys, I need some help with a tremolo replacement.

Essentially as the title suggests, my Edge III needs replacing. I have had a lot of tuning stability problems but the last straw is that my tension adjustment hex screw for the arm movement was stripped from factory....never adjusted it just recently decided to start learning to flutter but its out of the question now because the arm wont hold into place and there's not way to fix it. So I've been researching tremolo's and need some help.

At first I was thinking of getting an OFR until I realized that the original Edge has replaceable knife edges, the only problem with that I see is I'd also like to increase my sustain and get a titanium trem block....but that seems to be for the OFR only. I've heard that the OFR's can have the base plate swapped out when the knife edges are beyond repair but I'm not sure if that is true.....

Also there's also the determination of if it will fit....I've read from some that as long as I buy an Ibanez bridge (eg, Original Edge) I'll have no problems swapping. But in some cases depending on guitar routing, the OFR is a perfect replacement as well. But along with that, I have to choose wide or narrow string spacing (which is it for the Wizard II?), the OFR nut is measured at 42.90mm, whereas the Wizard II is supposed to be 43mm, will the extra .10mm matter? With an OFR would I need new trem posts too?

I am really confused on the route to go here, mostly because I keep getting conflicting answers on what will fit. Ideally I'd like the OFR because of its ability to accept tone blocks but I don't want to have to rebuy another on in like 5 years if its too worn out to salvage the knife edges....I apologize for the large posing, but thank you in advance for any help!
OFR and the Edge are direct drop ins for the Edge III.

I'd go with the Edge, personally, but both are outstanding bridges.
Where's Waldo?
From what I've heard you can't change anything with an Edge III o_o

But if you can change to either OFR or Edge, I'd recommend the Edge. They're sweeter to use in my opinion. The OFR feels too "I'm here to play metal and that's all I can" in my hands.
When I replaced the the Edge III on my RG350EX, I tried an Original Floyd Rose and a Schaller Floyd Rose and neither of them fit. They werent even close. I had to cut out A LOT of wood to get the Schaller to fit (I bought the Schaller for the guitar, and I had the OFR for another guitar I'm putting back together)

I bought an R3 nut for my neck, which is a Wizard II and it fit lengthwise, but I had to file down the route because the nut sat so high

Replacing the posts was another nightmare all together. I now have a hole straight through my guitar

Replacing the Edge III is no easy task, my friend. I learned that the hard way
Thanks for the advice thus far guys, it doesn't look like I have a straight drop in here, but I've found someone with the same exact guitar as me and they were able to drop an OFR in with only having to take out 3-4mm of wood via dremel in the back end of the cavity to make clearance for the longer locking screws (perhaps I could even find a short version manufactured somewhere to avoid that?).

I'm finally feeling comfortable enough to go through with the purchase but I just stumbled upon a solution to the knife edge replacement I wanted. The Schaller have replaceable knife edges and are identical to the OFR's. I'm just curious if Schaller is reputable for their quality? I've seen them mentioned a lot through my research, so I assume so. Any comments?