I'm playing through a line 6 valve MKII right now, and it's not cutting it for me. To me, it sounds good for a lot of the tones I'm looking for, but it's not loud enough. (It's the 212 model btw) I'm looking for an amp that will be plenty loud enough to keep up with the drums and also something that will give me the sound I'm looking for. I play mostly metalcore with a particular emphasis on breakdowns. I have a problem. I'm playing in a band, but I also play at home. I don't want to use two separate amps, so I'm looking for something that can get loud, sounds good, but is able to be tamed for bedroom usage. I've played the 6505+ half stack and 112 unit and I'm not too sure yet. The stack sounded AMAZING, but it's insanely loud. The combo on the other hand, sounded good, but it had an incredible amount of hum and noise. My budget is somewhere around $1200 max. I play things like August Burns Red, Parkway Drive, Lamb of God, As I Lay Dying, and even 80's metal from time to time. I'd like some suggestions other than Peavey and/or a way to get rid of the hum from that 6505+ 112 combo. I don't mind combos or halfstacks, either is fine, but the $1200 would have to include a cab. I also don't mind looking used. Thanks!

Sorry for the wall of text

Tl;dr - I need a good metal amp for under $1200 that can be loud enough for band practice and docile enough to be turned down to be played in a bedroom.

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have you checked into any of the Carvin amps - awesome amps people seem to ignore for some reason.
The Marshall AVT range may be your answer. I also have a Marshall mode 4 that I like, hard to get because they have been discontinued. It has to be said though both are definitely not for everyone. Seriously look into them and try them before stopping looking for anything else. I agree with katalyzt13 as well. Carvin amps are great, especially the Legacy (even if your not a Steve Vai fan that's a great amp. However the distortion may not be intense enough for you (remember that Steve expands his distortion with many levels of pedals etc.).
Check out the Carvin V3 series! I have the V3m, and I Love It! 3 Wattage settings 7/22/50 so it is good for Practice and I have no trouble keeping up with the drummer! 3 channels also 1 clean 2 dirty!

I use mine for Metal sounds like Black Label Society, and Pantera, SOil, and Mastodon,

I also like the dirt you can add to the clean channel For the Blues covers we play ZZtop!

They are about $700 US so that leaves u with some cash for a cab! I use a blackheart 4x12! It does the trick 4 me!

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People will argue w/ me but... Crate BV120 is a sick-ass Metal amp !
And you can score one for like 300/400 ?
I stick a TungSol in the V-1. It seems to work some type of magic on the overall gain.
I use a ISP g-string to keep the noise in check.