Alright as the thread says, I've only been playing guitar for about three years, but I've been extremely serious about it and practice several hours everyday. Just a couple weeks ago I played my first show with my band. Now I'm trying to get out of borrowing amps from friends and need something that can get plenty loud enough to compete with a drummer who plays about as loud as is possible on an acoustic kit when I can't mic my amp.

The problem is my budget is about 350 dollars and below and so this limits me a lot. Right now there aren't any stacks that are loud enough or have descent tone quality enough that I should bother with (I'm told by others). So I've been looking at combo amps and I've used some tube amps, but generally when I have they gave me problems and I'm just not sure that I feel comfortable relying on one tube amp for gigs when something is more likely to go wrong than using a regular one.

This has lead me to a few that might work:

Fender Mustang III (100W)
Ibanez TBX65R (65W)
Vox Valvetronix VT50 (50W)

So far leaning towards the fender, but I'd like to hear any other suggestions you have that I overlooked.

The main thing with the amp is that I want lots of nice clean tones that combine well with pedals, particularly right now the Boss OS-2 since that pedal is used in most of my songs. Right now I tend to use a moderate overdrive/distortion that is used in Nu metal and alternative rock. I would compare it to the sound of Linkin Park's hybrid theory distortion/overdrive. My favorite bands and therefore ones that I would probably sound most like would be Incubus, Muse, Queens of the Stone Age, Deftones, Black Light Burns, and A Perfect Circle.

Right now I've been using my friends Peavey Valveking 112 and I like the volume range on that, maybe just slightly higher, but I'm not sure how tube amp watts compare with those on regular amps.

Thanks for the help!
a tube amp is going to be louder than the SS amps you are looking at. actually iwas going to suggest getting a VK as it has the qualities you want and is just a little over your budget new (used would be well within) . should be plenty loud enough so i'm not sure why you feel you need more volume. the amps you mentioned won't provide that and will most probably not be as loud.
Well, I'll tell you right now that tube amps are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay louder than solid state amps. I've heard 5 watt tube amps that are louder than 100 watt solid state combos, would you be mic'd for gigs? if so, then I'm sure a solid state amp would be fine. I recommend the Peavey Vypyr, the tube models ( I'm not sure which combos are tube, but I'd recommend going for those ) or get the 100w fender mustang. Just my 2 cents anyways.
valve king will blast those solid states.

you can get a valve king, a v22, or a jet city 20 on sale

for hybrid best you can do is Vox vt80 on sale, but it will be not as good as tube

solid state Cube 80xl on sale is ok choice
There is no difference between tube and SS watts. Amps are rated just before breakup. The reason tube amps are perceived as louder is that they can be pushed far beyond a clean sound.

You have nothing to worry about with a good tube amp. I think something like a used fender blues jr. might suit you well. They're louder than you would expect for 15w and get along well with pedals.
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