Okay so in my last thread, I asked for an opinion on a 7-string 100% PURE HEAVY METAL GUITAR (which as a progressive rock player I never really explored, but got interested and my hollow bodies are not enough.

Since I live in Brazil, I will have to order it so I CAN'T TEST THEM. So you guys will have to help me out. I want a guitar that really captures the audience's attention and since I love those exotic shape designs ( V shaped, X shaped, etc) and never had a 7-string...

Since I was always a gibson guy, I don't know much about these EMG pickups... but I have two options on which guitar to get (below 700):

Schecter Hellraiser V-7 http://www.schecterguitars.com/Products/Guitar/Hellraiser-V-7-FR.aspx

or Agile Hornet Pro 727 http://www.rondomusic.com/hornetpro7wh.html

Why Shecter: Found the color simply beautiful, it's made of mahogany (my favorite wood type for guitars), never had a schecter, never seen anyone with this model, my friend has another model which I found the sound pretty good for a low-end.

Why Agile: Great guitars for a great price, also made of mahogany, heard a lot of great reviews even though never saw one for sale.

If you know any other guitars that meet the requirements, please say your opinion. I want a guitar great in sound mostly but also great in looks since I will use it in concerts and that's very important.

Thanks and sorry for the long text and grammar mistakes!
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I found that the normal Hellraiser V's neck dived. I don't hold out much hope for the 7 string version
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Out of the two, I'd go for the Agile. Definitely! Schecter's are meh, not too good in my opinion. The necks are too fat and there isn't enough tone from the body. Agile are excellent for the money, rivalling most top-end manufacturers for much lower cost!

For 7 string guitars though, Ibanez is the best choice, if you can find a second hand one that suits your budget. Try looking out for the Ibanez K7, the Universe (I have these!), and the Ibanez 1527. You can't go wrong with an Ibby
It's going to come down to preference now.

Schecters have slightly fatter necks, though they're not anywhere as "baseball-bat-sized" as the ignorant people say. Especially on their ERGs, the necks are pretty good.

If you like a thinner neck, the Agiles are easily comparable to Ibanez's. MY Interceptor Pro 727*** feels pretty identical to an RGD 7-string.

If you want a really thin fast neck and like a flat fretboard (Basically flat, anyway) go for Ibanez.

***Also, be weary of the 27" scale if you've small hands.. I wouldn't say I have small hands, but they're not that big either, and the 27" scale can be a stretch sometimes.