How to these two brands REALLY compare tension wise? I've seen comparisons between EB and DR and the DR's were BY FAR tighter than the Ernie Ball's. I've gotta place a bulk order soon and I need to know how those 2 compare. People always say DR's are tighter, and I agree, but how much? I'm extremely picky with my string gauges so I just need some info before I go drop 60 bucks on strings lol.
From what I hear D'addario are generally quite high tension strings. Unfortunately I don't know how they will compare specifically to other brands though. From my experience EBs felt slacker.

I would surmise that D'addario are somewhere in the middle between EBs and DRs going on what you've said.

Then again if you're going to place a big order of strings since I went for Pyramids I've never looked back. Fantastic strings, but mellow so perhaps not suited for metal etc.