Last year I had a set of strings installed at the shop, I believe it was 12's but it might have been 11s.It had a wound third. I just put a set of regular electric strings and the third string started to buzz, only on the 2nd fret. My first guess would be a high fret, but given that it was working fine before it is probably just a bad set up (although I have not moved the bridge). I hope if I put another wound 3rd the guitar will go back to normal. I love this guitar, I put gibson classic 57s in it, and it is amazing. I have a set of EXL 115 11s in the mail, but I might buy another set. What do you recommend? do you think the wound third will solve the problem?
Always keep your strings packet for future reference, just in case you really like it!
Either put the same gauge back in it, or have it set up for a smaller gauge to avoid the buzz.