I had a few big challenges with learning the guitar. The first challenge I had was with Barre Chords, and now its with learning scales, specifically remembering it all.

What's your biggest challenge right now with learning the guitar?
Biggest challenge was 5 and 7 string sweep arpeggios for sure.
7 was a bitch because it's really time consuming to ensure it's clean down there.
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Memorization of songs......it is hard to remember all the words and order of guitar parts to songs.....well it is probably becuase i try to learn to many songs at once.....
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Biggest challenge is either learning full song structures or playing fast while keeping the sound 'clean' without any extraneaous string noise.
Right now? Songwriting and jazz soloing. Nothing else is really giving me trouble since I know it'll just be a matter of making sure I do it right and then letting time and practice take its course. Those two things screw me over big time though.
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I learned barre chords like i learned open chords. I could play them from the start, just couldn't switch fast enough.

My biggest problem by far is probably making chord melodies sound...decent. I have the melody but the in-betweener notes are always so annoying =(. This is fingerstyle, btw.
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Biggest challenge?

Not beating to death the people who come into threads like these and go 'ololol sweepz ov course'
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Complex eight-string barre chords. Quite the inconvenience.
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Proper Technique. I ****ed my fretting wrist up once, wore a wrist brace for 3 weeks. Not good. That's my biggest challenge so far.

Every once and a while I'll walk into the local guitar shop and see some kid testing out guitars. (All Cort guitars are sold there, the X-2s they sell play amazingly. Or at least mine did when I had it.)

But these 17 year old kids, play some songs by Nirvana or something. Last time I was there I'm not sure what this kid was trying to play but I had to actually go over there and say "Hey, you want a few tips on how to NOT mess up your wrist?" He asked me why, and I told him if he kept trying to play like that he would.

I spent 15-20 minutes giving him a few tips, grabbed my strings and left. He clearly was self taught.

Right now for me, my strumming wrist is a bit sore. It seems to happen when i practice regularly. I'm always on computers for class too.
learning to improvise and solo in general... i still suck but i play in my dads band and he makes me improvise on stage in front of tons of people and im not very good at it
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Biggest challenge?

Not beating to death the people who come into threads like these and go 'ololol sweepz ov course'

Since that was obviously a shot at me:

If you can easily do the final solo to This Godless Endeavor by Nevermore, please tell me how you got to that stage without spending countless years refining the sweeping technique and accuracy.

Unless you have some magic method: Fail troll is fail.
It's spelled wiener.
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Biggest challenge is pedaling for me.
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probably leraning how to complete songs,getting better at organising riffs and stuff,its alot of fun and im only going to get better
My biggest problem is strengthening my right hand pinky for 4 finger tapping. Probably cause it hurts most of the time and I haven't found a way to do it without pain, But I did break that pinky before.

Also, creating a creative melody while playing bass lines at the same time.
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jazz soloing.

I don't really attempt to solo jazz, but sometimes its fun to give it a go. It confuses the sh*t out of me, however. Even in analyzing jazz songs I cannot find the scalular changes and when the use of chromatics is acceptable and all that stuff. (I know that sounds retarded, but it just confuses me that much)
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What a surprise, it's turned into a pissing contest already

I appreciate the sentiment TS, but these kind of threads only ever go one way.
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