I love the background guitar and the way the bass drum hits so hard. Those triplets are very thrashy lol. However if you keep them going too long they can get old. Kind of borderline on this song but not bad at all. Just something to watch for. I am not a fan of the guitar tone, but thats just a personal opinion thing. Sounds too dry and midless for me. Just me though. It is cool how the riff from like 2:30 to 3:00 is so evil and suspenseful sounding. And the outro is hella heavy. I love that, but mmaybe drag it on just a bit more? Then that way if you have a track after that it can just fade out slowly while the next track goes crazy fast and heavy on top of it!

Thats my long-ass 2 cents. C4C? Check out "Unfinished" on my profile. It's just sloppily done guitar tracks but its reviewable nonetheless. Thanks
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Love the guitar-work, but those triplets get old after a while. I like the heavy feel, but the guitar tone isn't much to my liking (it's okay, but I guess the recording just makes them sound weird?). You need to get some vocals on this. The ending was sick, but you need some heavy cymbal crashes thrown in. It would add a lot more to the ending.

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