Hey all,

Just picked up a dean vendetta used for 90 dollars, I've spoke to a friend about doing some custom graphics on it, she's really good at doing cool abstract patterns and i want the guitar to stand out a bit!

Basically, whats the best medium to use on the finish? i've read that people have used sharpies, nail polish, some people have sprayed a clear coat of lacquer afterwords, so i imagine there are a lot of ways to do this.

Just after some opinions/experiences!

the surefire way to do it is an airbrush and then seal it with some poly. Everything else will wear off sooner or later.
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I had a long look through that thread and thought it was no use as I'mm not really doing a complete strip and re-finish, I just want to know the best way to draw on a guitar body! and i also stated some ideas that i'd found from searching forums, just wanted some more opinions before i did anything, perhaps from people that had done things like this before

And will i have to take the guitar to pieces to apply a clear coat at the end? i was hoping i could just have her do some work and then that be it! some people said that nail polish and a 48 hour gap after would take ages before any signs of wear, can anyone confirm this??