Hey, I'm new to the ultimate-guitar forums and I was just shopping for a new acoustic guitar. I've been playing guitar for around 4 years now, I started out playing acoustic in the beginning then I moved on to electric. Now, after 3 or so years of playing the electric guitar, I'm becoming more and more interested to playing finger style guitar.

So I just wanted some advice for the best value acoustic guitars under $300 CAD? (As a student I can't afford anything over the budget) Thanks!
check out any jasmine acoustics, they are a lower line of takamine. my jasmine s34c was like 175 CAD and it came with a case. the action is almost as low as my ibanez electric and it plays so sweet! the only thing is, its a mini jumbo cutaway so it doesnt have the low end like a dreadnought, but its super bright and chimey when i put new strings on it!!!
best guitar under $300 that i know is available in canada is the yamaha fg700s. it's got a solid top, so it's a step up from jasmines, which are all laminate. i've seen a lot of them, and they sound pretty good. not ideal for most finger stylists as it's got a 1 11/16" nut, but then some people don't mind that for finger picking, and there's not a lot of wider nut acoustics i know of that are that low in price.

that being said, check out seagull. they don't make a guitar under $300 here, but i hear they're cheaper in canada, so you might score. you might also find a second.
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Thanks for the responses, right now I'm thinking of getting the Yamaha fg700s, Seagull s6 entourage, or Takamine G340SC. So I've read that smaller body sized guitars sound better for fingerstyle? I'm not really sure about guitar body sizes so any suggestions about what sizes to look out for at the guitar shop?
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