I have been playing for bout a year now and this is the first guitar I am buying and I don't really know that much bout wood or anything I have played this and like the sound and I am just wondering if it is a good guitar or not, I am going to get it used at guitar center for 700 us it looks just like new. This is the only bit of money I am going to have to spend to buy one for quite some time so i need it to be worth while if this is not good can someone recommended a good one. Thanks
it's not a great deal, but it's doable if you really like it. they sell new for $999. do you know how to check neck angle, for fine hard-to-spot cracks and all that stuff?

you might also consider a guild GAD-25 if you like dreads - nice guitar, costs $100 less than you're looking to spend. i also recommend blueridge and recording king guitars - in your price range, they're all solid, sound good and are nice axes.

these blueridges are all 000's with solid sitka tops, 1 11/16" nuts, sweet tone:



my husband has one of these recording kings - 1 3/4" nut, soft v neck, solid sitka/mahogany, and i really like how it sounds.

or check this one out - all solid wood, stellar price.

you might also want to check out the epiphone masterbilt line - i prefer the blueridges and rk's, but some like these. definitely worth a look as they're all solid and most are in your price range http://www.musiciansfriend.com/search/search.jsp?question=masterbilt
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Take a look at some Martins, a couple of models will be within your budget
Admira Artista classical guitar
$99 Steel string (actually quite good!)
I do not know how to check the neck or where those cracks would be how do you check that stuff? I do have a bit more to spend I have up to $1500 if I have to I just really need it to be worth while