I'm looking to start making model cars since upgrading mine has gotten very expensive. when i was little i made a couple that were the super easy snap together and had like two screws to put in and done. I would like something a little more complicated, but all the sites I find dont really tell me anything about them, it just has a picture, a size, and cost. Id rather metal than plastic, so my question is what sites do you use? Gundam models are also fine since I always loved those
oh yeah, **** model cars, find the most beautiful gundam you can

//members.iinet.net.au/~toh@iinet.net.au/Aik/anime/gundam/zeros1.jpg" alt="">

i wish i wasted more time on bhuilding gundam when i was little actually
i love me some wing zero custom. I figured metal would be the more difficult, so I guess I will be going with plastic. That would be an awesome one to do but painting worries me.

Edit: After reading more than that one line I see that they are painted already. this site is perfect. thanks! Id still like a couple cars though. 98-04 trans am ws.6 would be sick
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I was working on a 78 Camaro model before I deployed. I didn't get to finish it though. It should be cool when it's done, but I have a hard time finding time to do such trivial things, when my actual Camaro needs fixing.
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Yeah man, i had a 2000 formula i worked on so i want a firebird, im currently modding my mustang now until i ship out though. what branch/mos?