So I'm looking at getting a guitar and I've decided that the best guitar for me would be a telecaster. I enjoy southern rock, classic rock, and country. But I'm really stuck between a solid body tele and a thinline semi-hollow tele. I would really like a guitar with sound close to Kyle Park's songs.
Listen here-

I'd like to be able to acquire the tone of songs like Tossin' and Turninn' and Half Empty Shotgun(Must say Half Empty Shotgun must be my favorite song by him because it doesn't seem like mainstream broken hearted and love struck country )

I was gonna get a Saga kit. I'm mostly an acoustic guy so I think with enough patience and help I might get a very good educational experience out of these kits for future electric adventures.

Normal Tele Caster

Semi-Hollow Thinline

Here's where I'm blank, now on the kyle park site he is shown with a solid body telecaster, so this appears to be the obvious choice if I want a tone similair to this. But for other songs, as I hope to play country and southern rock, I think the thinline might get better sounds. But are good rockish sounds possible in the thinline or do I need to get the solid body? The thinline appears to have two of those...humbuckler or something? pick ups, where as the solid tele just has that one standard pick up. So can I get those sounds out the thinline? And can I still get good country sounds out of the normal tele? Or is it all in the settings of the amp?
The normal Tele is pretty much the official guitar of country music. It's basically pure, distilled twang. The Thinline has a bigger, warmer, more resonant tone, which may or may not work for you--I personally like it much better. If you like the warmth, go for the Thinline, if you like twang go for the normal Tele.
Money beats soul every time.

Money beats soul...every time.

Money...beats soul...every...goddamn...time.
In my experience with Telecasters, you should be able to get a rock and country sound out of either. A hollow body does not necessarily mean a rock sound isn't possible. There are loads of guitarists who play rock with hollow bodies. Steve Howe comes to mind.

The thinline is going to sound more like an arch top, but these differences will be subtle, and the majority of the tone will come out of the amp and your fingers. The biggest difference between those guitars will most likely be the weight. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Edit: Thinline=slightly more warmth. Solid=slightly more twang. But not a huge difference.
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Don't limit yourself by wanting to get a certain tone of a player you happen to like. Get a guitar you thinks sounds good with the stuff you play and the people you play with. I knew a guy who blew a ton of cash trying to get the same gear as Stevie Ray Vaughn but he was never happy because at the end of the day there is only one Stevie Ray Vaughn (or Kyle Park, whatever.)

Bottom Line: If you want to play country, really any strat or tele will serve you pretty good. Its all in what you do with it.
Good point! But I don't really wanna be this guy, I just thought the tone he used was perfect. I'm actually hoping to integrate electric guitar and banjo together in southern rock.

Jet Penguin, don't forget Ted Nugent! He rocked out on the arch top hollow body!

Well as for weight, it makes little difference to me sense I play a banjo with resonator and tone ring and such. Every time I pick up a guitar I feel like I'm just holding a stick or something because they feel so light compared to my banjo.

Well bottum line, I think I'll get the thinline because I like the sound, and most people I play with use solid bodies if when they play electric, so it's sound will be a little bit different. I'm thinking I'll get the thinline then get a really good amp.
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Good call. Amp suggestion--go for a low-wattage tube amp, like a Vox AC4TV or a Gretsch Electromatic G5222. They get a raw, crunchy overdrive that works well for country and southern rock (as well as blues and such). Think the dirty guitar on Tossin' and Turnin'.
Money beats soul every time.

Money beats soul...every time.

Money...beats soul...every...goddamn...time.
Great I'll look into that! Correct me if I'm wrong, but won't the gritty dirty sound better on the thinline too because the notes will be warmer and almost seem to last longer?

Yeah I love all the extra dirty noise, really adds to a lot of songs in my opinion. Lynyrd Skynyrd's gritty guitar in Still Unbroken chills me to the bone! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vw_6eUgpo30&ob=av2n

Well thanks for all the help guys! If I try out the kit instead of just buying a guitar, I'll make sure to keep you guys posted on how things go! Thanks again, you guys are great for decision making

BTW, has anyone suggested making an offical Catch All topic for Guitar Decision help?
Yeah Dan. the new super-light alder body is currently drilled, routed and wearing 2 cans worth of cellulose primer! Got to danang hotels get another can tomorrow to get my mate to finish the job off before the colour coat. Then wait a month - then laquer. Only trouble is the guy who's doing it told me today that his partner is due to have a ceaserian section tomorrow for their long awaited baby to be born. I've told him to hotels in da nang get his priorities right and get my Tele sorted