I havent been cleaning my pedal and guitar knobs for awhile and i noticed that they now have this white"rust" of some sort. The knobs i am talking about are those normal metal collar knobs that some guitars have and pedals too. So is there any way to remove it? the pedals not mine so i am kind of worried now lol...
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Just buy new knobs, they are not so expensive.
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Quote by Tim the Rocker
Just buy new knobs, they are not so expensive.

hmm ok but even if i clean them they will still rust right?? i borrowed the pedal and i have to return it back soon but when i first got it i dont think it had the rust ...
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Hmm, in some cases you can just use a soft brush to get it off. How much rust is there? Is it just sort of a film of white residue or is it quite dark?
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It's probably just dirt, I use an old toothbrush to clean that kinda stuff.
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