New Collab, great sound and video quality. Let us know what you think!

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feedback is welcome! thanks. C4C

nice video, good quality, liking the black and white effect, suits the mood of the song.
like the use of focus on the camera.

nice vocal harmonies, and nice vocals in general
good guitar tone and playing.

keep it up :-)
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Everything sounded/looked very professional. I have not heard the original song/video, but I would think this was it! Only thing to improve was the vocal harmonizing. For some reason it did not seem to complement her voice, maybe volume too low ?
i don't usually listen to these kinda songs, but i have to say i really enjoyed this! nice to see some passionate musicians collaborating and having the effort to make a good quality music video style cover.
all of the instruments sounded perfect, both in terms of playing and tone.
i seriously don't know what else to say- there's nothing to criticise.

anyways thanks for commenting on my opeth cover!
Really great cover! I love me some Keith Urban (no homo)
Although I do think the guitar could've used a bit of delay, especially with the intro.
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Thanks I really appreciate your comments! Tonight we will make a new cover
Really nice. I havent heard the original track either, but I'm sure it sounds just like it.

Did you really know each other and gathered at one same place to record everything? Or did each one of you record the video separately and send it to someone? I wish I could find that kind of people to do collabs haha :P

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=28100117#post28100117
Oh btw after watching your other videos I subscribed, thought you should know
That was fantastic quality mate. Really tight, and well balanced.
There wasn't alot wrong with it honestly dude haha, it was fantastic!

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Thanks for the subs and positive comments. Criticism is also welcome (:
I'm not familiar with the original song so I can't compare... but I think the overall quality of the audio and video is very good. I would maybe have tried to make the drums stand out a little more (in terms of playing, and production/mixing). They seemed pretty backgroundish and boring, but if that's how they are in the original song and you're going for a dedicated cover then thats cool.

The backup vocals are maybe mixed a little too quietly, could just be the way they play on my speakers.

Overall, a very impressive and high quality cover!
this sounds amazing, amazing tone on the guitar. the only thing i would think of fixing is bringing up the second mic just alittle, you cant really hear the harmonies and there great. lol great job, and im not a fan of country but this was a great cover
Thanks, going to work on the harmonies of two voices, since I don;t like it either
This is awesome! Excellently filmed and mixed
Maybe sort out the harmonies a little but that's about it!