A bunch of the bands I love to listen to use the BBE Sonic Maximizer but I'm not familiar with it....So what does this pedal actually do?
And is the rack-version any different to the pedal-version (BBE Sonic "Stomp" Maximizer)? I noticed some guitarist put it in their amp's FX loop, what's up with that?

And looking at my gear (see below), do you think I could benefit from it or not?
This is my bands facebook-page so you can listen to what kind of music we play:
for those who don't have facebook, here are some related youtube video's: Anti Icon

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thx mates!
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earlier i posted this thread in the 'Gear Building & Customizing'-board by accident (it's removed now) and 'Mech-cannibal' replied:

Quote by Mech-cannibal
okay, cool well it isn't my thing, but what are you hoping to achieve with a sonic maximiser? from my experience they are more suited to recording situations really as live sound is never going to be THAT crystal clear that very minor tweaks make a difference.

I thought guitarist used it to clean up their sound or something like that. I've seen some reviews online but I'm still not to sure what it does exactly...
If it's more clear and my sound is tighter i might consider it but like I said, still don't know if this pedal does that. Some reviews say it makes the sound tighter, some say it doesn't...
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It's a piece of shit, overrated and misunderstood (in a bad way). It's neither good for studio nor live use, stay away. Ok to be fair it might be of some use in a recording situation, but then you'd be better off using the plugin, very sparingly.

Alright I might just as well be a bit more elaborate, what it does basically is give you a mid scooped sound by making the high end more brittle and adding lows (read: shifting the phase) that'll start clashing with the bass guitar. You're better off just learning how to tweak your amp properly.
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does something to the frequencies of your sound. they say its like "taking the blanket off your amp"

problem i have is everyone (and scientific fact) says the best tone comes from the best, high quality gear and a proper (shorter and well routed) signal path. that being said, why do you want to get better tone by adding another semi cheap component to it?

not that its cheap...but its not like its the worlds greatest must have pedal. im sure if you have good enough gear, this pedal would actually help degrade your tone.

thats my take on it. too much to worry about for what effect?

i would rather spend my money on high quality cables, proper setup options, etc. do it the right way, not with 1 pedal.
damn, that's the first time ever where the first replies literaly answer everything I need to know thanks guys, real real real helpfull!

So off with the BBE. And I really do like my sound a lot but I think I could get it bigger. What's your opinion about BIAS MODDING the 6505 head? My local shop said not to do it 'cause it decreases tube-life and you don't really hear the difference that much...but all i read about it is always positive...what do y'all think?
There was just a thread on this last week. Use the search function.
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