hey peoples..
I am beyond amateur when it comes to building, a 3 yr old could build better than I.
I am from Newcastle Australia in N.S.W, and i'm hoping some one knows where i can buy the metal fittings for a home built guitar case?.
the edges where so much pain and suffering that i'd feel more comfortable hiding them from the world.
please help.. guitar case edging doesn't work guitar case accessories doesn't work nor does guitar timing from google? ! what idea's have you got?
Bunnings or Spotlight. One of them will have what your looking for. Failing that try an upholsterer. Use the phone. Let your fingers do the walking lol.
well here
but those may be expensive to ship to your part of the world, but that was just a quick google search for "guitar case parts"
try a combo of guitar case, corner, metal, flight case, bumper, etc