This gem just dropped in my mailbox today. After two spins, I can confidently say this Arkham Witch full-length will be in my top 5 list once we're listing best albums of the year. Hailing from Yorkshire, England and featuring Simon (vocals) and Emily (drums) of The Lamp Of Thoth, it becomes evident Simon was the creative force behind TLoT, as this is very much a continuation of their sound.

The first few tracks are deceivingly hard rock-ish, but this is just honest metal focusing more on the heavy than doom side of TLoT, with added Conan and HP Lovecraft themes for a good measure. Fans of the upbeat TLoT tracks surely will get a major kick out of this album, though there's stuff like Dagon's Bell and The Necromancer for the obligatory doom metal fix. Highly recommended.

Limited to 666 copies you can order the album from Barbarian Wrath, straight from the band or some selected distros. I got mine from Psychedoomelic.

Burn The Witch
Dagon's Bell
Viking Pirates Of Doom

Note that each track on the album is different, so none of these quite represent the whole album.
I’m not the man I used to be, I... I can’t go back to Arkham.

I... I should return to Arkham.

Among the churchyard’s mouldering stones I recognise a name – my own.
I have come home to Arkham.