Hey guys, hope you had a swell holiday weekend. Anyways, I've got a sweet modeling pedal that I run through an amp into a cabinet, but I won't have the amp in my house much longer, which would only leave me with the cabinet at home. What's the simplest way that I can power the cabinet? Does it really need an amp? Thanks for any ideas
You need a power amp. There are tons of options, like Peavey 50/50, peavey 60/60, Mesa 50/50, etc. etc.
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Something like the EHX 44 Magnum would be cool. Using the poweramp of a Crate Powerblock works well too.
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Assuming the issue is money... go buy a cheap stereo receiver off CL and run it into your cab.
+1 with the crate powerblock get it used for 150$ app
magnum sucks balls
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