I've been having a fair bit of forearm pain these past couple weeks after playing for a while, especially whilst soloing.
I've never really had this problem before and i'm not sure what's causing it now.
The pain is generally on the upper half of my forearm, closer to my wrist etc, and further from my elbow.

I know the first reaction to most people will probably be anchoring, however on the contrary i only started completely stopping my anchoring a couple weeks ago, which is odd considering that it's when i began noticing forearm pain.

I've been playing for a bit over 2 years now, and been anchoring with just my pinky for probably a bit over a year (until recently).
Now i'm playing with almost always a completely closed hand.

Other than stopping anchoring i haven't really changed anything in my playing or the way i practise. If anything the only thing i could thing of is that i've been soloing a bit more lately, but particularly sweeping.

Does anyone know anything that could cause this all of a sudden?
Is it possible that me having stopped anchoring could cause forearm pain somehow? :s
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It is possible that not anchoring could of done this. By trying not to anchor, you might be bending your hand back. Causing that. And for some people its different. Ive seen a few people rest/anchor their wrist on the bridge itself. Or it could be you just havent built up enough stamina. I used to have that problem with fast down-stroking and I still do. I alternate strum it. Its more comfortable for me. I guess thats just my 'bad-habit' when I play lol