Okay everytime i play my guitar i always "clench my fist' when playing a solo. but is it the correct way? because everytime i touch any guitar my hands naturally does that.

But when i see other guitarist they always do a "a-okay" on their hand while soloing

Which is the correct way?

if both of them are correct what are the advantages and disadvantages?
there is no correct way. lol everyone has there own style.
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I've always felt that there isn't technically an incorrect picking style. Some styles allow for more speed or accuracy, but for the most part it's all about what feels right to you.
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The first style is probably more efficient for alternate picking and makes sure motion comes from the wrist and not the thumb joint


subtle movements of the thumb can be an advantage when string skipping for example. I find the second style more comfortable but then again you are always going to find the things that you practice, more comfortable.

MY fingers naturally flail out a little when i hold a pick.

Also. it looks like he's anchoring in the second picture, i would advise against doing this and with your fingers curled up like in the first picture you probably wont get into that bad habbit.
Both are right - as said by most people, it's whatever feels most comfortable to you.
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Your goal in your right hand technique is to eliminate tension in order to produce smoothness and fluidity in your playing--this is best achieved by the first method pictured above. (I'm a jazz guitar major at Capital University and this is the way I was taught.)
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Thanks for all of your replies guys!

But right now i have a problem. when i use the "curled up" method i always get unwanted string noise while the "a-okay" method, 80% of the time i eliminate string noise.

There is no set way man. What ever is comfortable to you. Just make sure you are relaxed though. Generally i play like the 2nd picture, but one of my tutors plays with his hand like the first picture.

EVH doesn't even hold the pic with his index, he uses his middle finger and flares his other fingers out when he shreds lol
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Could get Comtemporary Travis Picking by Mike Hanson. Its a great book.
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A test that will answer your question is this:

Does it feel just as easy to pick on every single string with out adjusting technique?

Does it feel just the same palm muted on every string as it does open?

Do down picks and up picks feel and sound perfectly even on all strings?

Are the strings you don want ringing well muted out with that position?

Is it comfortable?

If the answer to all is yes, then you should be on the right track.
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Some thumb motion is GOOD for your speed and accuracy, but not to the point where all you use is thumb motion like some guys I've seen... A combination is great. I watched a little bit of Pebber Brown's sarod videos and immediately picked up on what the point was, and it helps a lot if you just slightly move your thumb while picking quickly.

I believe you'd also find that EVH holds the pick with both his index and thumb... Not that it matters.
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