So it's the first day of Grade 10 for me today and I'm afraid that I don't remember shit. Any tips for getting back into the new year or school tips in general? I really do not remember anything except how awesome intramural football was.

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1. When someone says "Hi", it is actually an animalistic test to see if you are an alpha male. Upon this greeting, violently bludgeon the challenger. If they smile, it is to show their fearsome canines and assert their dominance, so I suggest you bite them if they do that.
2. If you get high before class, don't say you have "pinkeye" when they ask you why your eyes are bloodshot.
3. Study.
4. Wink at girls a lot.
5. Have one guy friend who you tell everything. It is law.
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it's my first day in lower sixth form today too

i have a pretty bad haircut and i generally hate how i look for some reason

plus, it's quite a lot of work

the next two years are going to suck
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I'm in lower sixth as of now. I got ****ed around with my options for a day or two, but it should be sorted now. Also, I finish at midday on tuesday and friday I am content with my standing
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as if you have anything better to do.

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Remember that as much as you don't remember things well, your decades older teachers don't either.

Also, it's just Highschool. Not a big deal. At all.
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You'll remember. I took a year off and a good bit of the stuff I knew in high school is still there.
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Alright, today's only an hour, shouldn't be too rough... and I've already got a girlfriend, so I'm not worried about that department.

I write songs.
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Don't worry... it will all come back to you.
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Pay attention, study, don't be a dumbass.

That's about it. I mean, it IS grade 10...

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****ing grow up already.

Eh, he's only 14.

Here's a tip: Take sex ed.
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Your first month in each class is going to be review anyway.

Not really. Maybe in America.

My tip would be to stop being Butters.
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god i wish i could go back to before university when classes were easy

Too be honest, I've found college to be a lot easier than highschool.

But maybe it's because i'm in a community college...
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Not really. Maybe in America.

My tip would be to stop being Butters.

this. american schools, which i attend(im a 10th grader) treat kids like little kids that know nothing. once again why this countrys so screwed up with edagecation(guess why i can't spell). Anyway, it'll all be fine. just go with the flow, talk to lots af girls and just have fun
It was my first day of Grade 11, which, in the grand scheme of things, also meant my first day of I.B.

I'm just like the Jonas Brothers,

I'm no longer relevant and write mediocre music.