Hi! I've been looking around a bit for this, but can't seem to find it. I've tried to transcribe it, but it's just out of reach. Firstly, i can't seem to get the tuning right. It seems to be a dropped tuning, pitched somewhere between C and C#, But i really have no clue. I'm sure if someone just told me the proper tuning and maybe the basic chords it's made up of, i could figure out the rest, but any help is appreciated.

Here's a Youtube video in case you haven't heard it but wanna have a go anyway, and here's a spotify link.

Glad to know there's some Jorn fans here. I don't have time to tab the song, but I know his guitarists use drop C# tuning. Basically a half step down with the low E string tuned down 1 and a half steps.
That's odd. I tried that, but it seemed to be just a tad high. It didn't go all the way down to C, but it didn't sound like C# either. Who knows, maybe my hearing is off. I'll give it a shot later today.