Hi guys,

i want to get Humbucker Sized P90 Pickup for my les paul bridge position but i have a few options in mind and i want to know which ones you think are the best. i want the most accurate P90 sound i can get but also high quality so i would mind compromising a bit of P90-ness for better tone.

the options ive been looking at are:

Sheptone Hum-Sized P90's

http://www.sheptone.com/p90.htm <=== (Bottom of the Page)

BG Pups Pure90 Pickups


Gibson P-94T Hum-Sized P90 Pickup


ive been hearing great thing about Sheptone Pickups but i havnt really seen any reviews of their Hum-Sized P90s because its quite a new product from them.
BG Pups have been recommended a bit on forums and they seem good as well. BG Pups and Sheptone are currently on top of my list but i wouldnt mind the gibson.

Do any of you guys have these pickups and what do you think of them. even if you dont have them which ones would you recommend (taking into consideration what i wrote at the end of the 1st paragraph).

Secondry question
what is the difference between the the gibsons and the sheptones other than the fact that the sheptones are handwired?