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Pop it
21 36%
Let it heal
9 16%
Feed it to my cat
28 48%
Voters: 58.
So I was playing my friends bass yesterday, and since I don't fingerpick very much, I got a blister on my thumb. It is really pissing me off and I want to pop it. So pit, should I pop my blister or just let it heal?
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Not sure why you were finger-picking bass with your thumb...

But I got the same thing when I had to learn a band's setlist for a gig at the end of the week on bass (mainly a guitarist so I wasn't used to it), I popped it because it seemed the better option.

Buy make sure you pop it hygienically.
i have yet to get a blister from bass, and ive been playing metal with my fingers for 4 years.

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pop it with a desinfected needle in the base of the blister and let the liquid exit the blister.
ohh jeesh, just bite it off
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Fire. It is the only option.
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let a raccoon chew it off.
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ohh jeesh, just bite it off

Don't be a tard.

If you're going to be thumb picking bass or guitar...or doing anything with your thumb again, you don't want it infected and inflamed. It'll be sore for a while, whatever you do...so pierce it, drain it, peel it, cool it and then cover it for 12 hours or so while the raw skin becomes less sensitive.
After long-distance trekking I've become a blister expert

If it's painful, drain it. To do so...

- Clean blister and surrounding area with alcoholic sanitizer
- User a sterilized needle to make a small puncture at the base of the blister
- Use a tissue or antiseptic wipe to help push out the excess fluid

Now the pressure is released, but the skin is there to help it heal. Give it plenty of open air and keep it clean
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Yes... the art of slap bass is a wonderful one... you should learn how to pop that shit.

Oh, you meant the blister.
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Don't pop it, let it heal.

To build up resistance in your finger tips dip your fingers into surgical spirits a few times a day and after a few weeks they will be quite hard and you shouldn't have problems.
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