I have been playing fingerstyle guitar for a while, and I have problems with getting volume by playing with flesh, so I decided to give nails + flesh a try.

I cut my nails like this: http://kepfeltoltes.hu/110906/finger_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.png

By cutting them like this, I realised I could get MUCH more volume but the string noise increased also + I dont know if this shape is any good, so I need you guys' opinions. By the way, if you can recommend something better, I would be really grateful. BUT I must tell you that I dont use a hand position like classical players, I have a different hand position close to this one: http://www.acguitar.com/Media_Files/SLP%20Products/Other/Chords_Hands/PercussiveFingerstyleLe-300-1105.jpg

So please let me know if this shape is any good, or if not, then please recommend some other which would work great with this approach/angle. Thanks
1. Unless that pic is an exaggeration, you could get an ingrown nail by doing that.
2. most classical players have nail which extend the finger like in your second picture.

Just grow them naturally until they are long enough to play with to get the desired effect. And you don't necessarily need long nails: Narciso Yepes used bare fingers. Some dislike his attack on the strings; he is very aggressive on the strings, but keep it in mind. Have your nails cut in the way which you feel gets the best sound, and feels the most comfortable.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBgDq5N6lCs - yepes.
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There's nothing wrong with a ramped nail if your nails are hooked. But the nail should extend far enough out that it is even with the flesh of your finger.