It's been a long time since I have posted anything on here. This is just something I have been working on for the past few days. I wrote in in GP6 but i posted a GP5 version too...although it messed up a couple things when exporting. This is basically just a progressive metal piece Ive been working on the past few days. I'll C4C if you leave a link.
Wow this is definatly Opeth influenced, in fact I believe the riff at bar 72 is from one of their songs, so you might want to change that haha. Other then that, I think its pretty good, Id just be a little careful about trying to make it sound a little more original.
And its always nice to see more people using GP6 rather than whining about it.
While listening I started to feel that some of the sections were lasting a little bit to long and then I realized why. I think it needs more melody incorporated into it or at least some dynamic lead lines to go over those cool riffs and chords. It's nice as an instrumental but some sections just felt like they were lacking something (or at least lasted a little too long with no change). Overall it is a nice piece, however.
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Yes obvious Opeth influence. Lead that comes at bar 9 is simple but effective. The clean part (bar 25) is really nice, a change in atmosphere and fits in very well. As poster above me said, the section at bar 72 does repeat a lot. It is a nice riff though. Everything seems pretty well put together and the song flows well. Ends quite nicely. Overall, that was very good.