Hi everyone,

From time to time (and especially during the last few weeks) I'm wondering if I'm holding the pick correctly, and also if my arm is well positionned. The matter isn't closed yet. Sometimes I may change my way of picking without noticing (or noticing).

These days when I had time I've been practicing triplets (is it called triplet or gallop?) and downpicking. I really need and want to improve those techniques. But before I definitely take bad habbits I want to ask you guys if I'm doing it correctly. I guessed a video would be clearer than words, thus I recorded a little film.


The songs I'm practicing (not at full speed) are 'Violent Revolution' by Kreator and 'Master of Puppets' by Metallica. By the way, this the more fast I can play until now.

While playing the Kreator song I have tried three different ways of picking. Which one should I keep ? What is bad/good about them ? While doing the triplets (gallops ?) my arms is tense in order to do the ta-ta-ta, should I do that or not ? Am I using my wrist correctly ?

As for MOP, what do you think about my downpicking ? My arm is moving a little, is that normal ?

Another question : can you suggest me songs so that I can keep practicing those techniques ?
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Hold the pick however you feel comfortable! there is no such thing as the wrong way. Some ways may seem more comfortable for you. Here is an example of the most shown way to hold the pick.

the tip should be exposed a little, but if its more comfortable expose more. The type you use may affect your playing too. I use Dunlop Jazz III's and I find they are excellent and work well. Gator Grip 2MM are nice too.

And its okay for your arm to be tense a little but I would suggest doing it slower and building up to where your arm is COMPETELY relaxed. The more relaxed you are playing, the better you will do!
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