Well. i wrote this song last week when i was noodling around on my guitar and testing some VST plugins. this should probably appeal to all people who like lots of double kicks, blastbeats and a breakdown.

the title is (warning, foreign language): harder dan je anus, steviger dan je moeder. which is dutch, and roughly translates as: harder than your anus, firmer than your mother. (i couldn't think of something better, sorry.)

recorded with an Ibanez RG7321 with a dimarzio D-sonic in bridge position, and stock pickup in neck. i've only used VST plugins for this, LePou's Le456 and SoloC, and nick crow's 7170 (5150). for drums i used the Metalheads EZX with ezdrummer. everything was recorded in fruityloops 9.

ét voilá:

since the first try wasn't good enough, i have recorded it 2 times. the old version is still on my soundcloud.

enjoy, let me know what you think and tell me what i can do better.
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