I don't know whats happening with my electric guitar... It just wont make any sound whyle plug in the amp... and, no the problem is not the amp, and its not the jak either... do you have any idea why my guitar isnt making any sound
Maybe some wiring inside has come loose... does anything happen when you turn any of the knobs?
If you've tried the same amp & cable etc with another guitar to prove they're all OK, the chances are a wire has come loose inside the guitar.

You can either try fixing it yourself, but if you aren't sure what you're doing (and I'd guess you aren't or you wouldn't be posting on here...) you can take it to your local guitar shop who will be able to solve it easily enough. I have a similar problem with one of mine and my local shop said they'd be able to sort it for about £15-20 (not sure how that translates into whatever your local currency is)
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