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Still a bit of a work in progress. A little sloppy in places... Especially since I attempted to double track the solos.

C4C. The more you write the more I write.
Nice stumbling bassdrum in the intro ! Fat guitartone,catchy riff coming in there as well.
The solo is very good,I enjoy your tone.You should consider a Chris Squire-like bass progression, (or Flea) not easy, but would be very effective. Some nice keyboardsounds as well, work on those, make them heard. Good melodic ideas in the last solo,some fine pickingtechniques you've got !

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Catchy riffs, you may want to consider having the bass guitar doing something more musically interesting than holding the root down/doubling the guitar riffs for the entire song but it sounds good as it is. there are times like @ 4:55 where your lead track could be brought down just a bit in volume. Also, drastically changing eq settings between different guitar tracks can help them mesh together better in a mix. it seems like your lead and rhythm tones are very similarly eq'ed which makes things "mushy" when they're happening at the same time. If/when you record this with a live drummer it'll be a standout. good playing and good music

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