Hey, guys,
So, I have my PRS SE CU24 (25" scale) in Drop B (all the way down to Drop A, as well) with a GHS .13-.56 set on it. The tension on the top five strings is perfect, but I'd like more tension on the sixth string--it's loose and consequently hard to tune (any suggestions there?). I was thinking of switching to a set with a .60 on the sixth string and maybe slightly lighter strings on the bottom.
Will that help my position or worsen it?
Also, the slot on the bridge of the PRS does not fit the .56 well at all--in fact, it's a fight to situate it and take it back out when changing strings. Is there any way to widen the slot for the sixth string on trem?
Finally, besides having to widen the nut, will moving from .13-.56 to .10-.60 necessitate any other changes, particularly in neck tension?

I think that's everything, and I hope it's all understandable.
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Get a .13 gauge 7 string set and use the 7th string as the 6th. This could work but it might be more that a 60...
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Drop B or Drop A would be incredibly flimsy on your 3 higher strings if you use a .10-.60 set... But that's my opinion. I'd try what chadreed32 said.
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