Poll: What weight are you?
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Clinically Obese
9 3%
Fat bastard
30 9%
Average Should Take More Exercise an Eat Well
151 45%
Slim Jim
116 35%
14 4%
Oops i made to many options
16 5%
Voters: 336.
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I have a random interest to know everyones weight. I am pretty average, not very fit but not too overweight. FYI due to the issues with metric and imperial systems can someone do a quick guide as to the uk european and american systems?
Im 11 stone, find your own damn conversion chart haha
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Last time i checked, 140 lbs.

Im 6 foot 4 by the way. Pretty damn unhealthy.
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185 cm, 78 kg. I think I'm pretty skinny, though I weigh more than a lot of my peers. I'm steadily gaining weight since rejoining the gym a month ago, though.
More than I should.
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Poll says... Slim jim taking the lead by far, yeah right you fat bastards
9 stone, have no idea what that is in pounds though

Edit: 9.3 stone
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6 foot and about 150. I'm pretty much average.
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150 pounds - athletic? (I sound like an arsehole when I say that >.>
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6'4" and about 190-200.
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Well I'm 11 and a half stone but I'm quite tall and slim, I could do with a bit of meat on me.
I'm 5'11, weigh 80kgs, and have a Body Fat percentage of between 10-12%
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I'm 5'8" tall and weigh about 200lbs. That said I AM fat, but I sink in swimming pools so apparently I have a layer of fat protecting my muscles.
175cm/5'9", 64kg/143lbs - average weight but a 29" waist, so fairly skinny I'd say.
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6'2 190 lbs

not sure what that is....

5'9 or 5'10 and 153lbs

Should have included an "athletic" pool option.

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I'm very slim but I'm only 5ft 3. I'm just under 8 stones, just. I usually fluctuate between 104-108lbs
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This is me..

Ok, maybe not.

Seriosly though, Im 6 feet. 171 lbs. Goes to the gym four times a week.
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Wish I weighed 195 but my body struggles against me at every turn.
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169... Which is too much for me. I was 155 earlier this year but obviously the "Smoke-Weed-Eat-Shit-Everyday Diet" didn't work out for me.

Trying to eat healthier and work out now that I'm at school though, hopefully I'll get some good results soon enough.
5'8 and about 130 pounds. A bit underweight to say the least.
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6"1 and around 160. slim jim i guess
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104 lbs.
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6'1 and 67kg. Recently started putting on muscle.
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About 180cm and 90kg.

**** your stupid measuring system.
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6'3", 230 punds..but I can bench my own weight, and I work out quite a bit...soo..I'm not fat..just muscled. I sink like a rock in lakes lol
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6'3" and 235 pounds.
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i'm 6'2 and 180lbs but i'm working out now so it'll be different in a few months hopefully lol.
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5'10"/5'11" and about 225 lbs. I'm more "built" than fat, but I could probably lose 10lbs or so.
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