Hey there fellas, here's my cover version of Food For The Gods from In Flames' masterpiece album, Whoracle.

Additional info about the stuff used in the recording are at the soundcloud description, so check it out, crit my mix, tone, playing etc.(there are shitloads of mistakes, and aint tight at all, gotta practice my guitar playing a little bit.)

Thanks in advance!


Edit: Added the solo now, it has a bit of a mistake at the initial, after that it came out average.
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This is not bad at all. You missed some riffs in the song (usually second guitar as far as I see). Ofcourse it's not a problem, that's a choice. I love the good sounding kickass bass feel on the guitar but the gain is a bit too much apparently. It's not incredibly clear but everything is perfectly understandable, which feels decent.

Maybe do a version with solo and backing melodies? Because, obviously you can nail those too at your skill level.

At last, ellerine sağlık! Keep up the good work!

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Thanks a lot mate. Added the solo to the recording now, it aint good but it'll work I guess.
*chugga chugga chuggity chug chug chug*