I'm here because I don't know many other musicians without a driver's license who have similar experiences I can ask for help - after scrawling through google for a few answers and finding zilch, I have come here.

So, basically.

I've been wanting to start a new band since my old one at college broke up a year and a half ago, but have never managed it because of many contributing factors. Of these is that the village I live in is about 15 miles away from the nearest city with a music scene and places to practice and none of my musician friends live locally - however, these sort of predicaments would be manageable if it weren't for one thing - if I could actually drive.

The issue is that I simply can't cope with the experience. I hate driving. I've been having lessons for a little over a year now and failed two practical tests (which I think is owed in part to my own anxieties and confidence issues). I have another test booked for next week, however as usual I'm extremely nervous about it and don't hold much hope for myself passing - I've already made the decision that if I don't pass this test I'm going to stop bothering... Not just because I could do without the added stress, but also I can't keep affording the costs of lessons and test fees.

So, this is where I need your help.

My problem is that I'm very aware that a musician is somebody who needs to be able to drive (or at least have some kind of personal transport), due to the equipment that needs to be transported to practice spaces and venues. I was wondering, is there any musicians out here who doesn't drive/doesn't like driving, and still copes with the disadvantage? I know that it's certainly possible to cope as a musician without being able to drive (cause you know, John Lennon got his drivers license at 29), I simply have no insight into how it is possible, due to lack of experience and advise.
find a drummer and keep your stuff at his house and just take the bus there, when gigs come up just rent a Uhaul, have another bandmate drive

or just join an online band
Leave your stuff at wherever your practice space is and just take a guitar with you on the bus.
get over it and man up. Bum rides off fiends/bandmates. Most bands own vans or suvs or can at least take 2 cars to a gig so chances are you won't be driving there anyway.
Man the **** up and pass the test, drivings easy, the tests even easier (usually) i mean look at the state of some of the retards that are out there driving, even i passed first time and i shit myself for just about everything, if we can do it you can.
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I've been in a similar situation. I used to live in a housing development in the middle of fkin nowhere with no car. I was lucky though in high school and started a band with my best friend who had a car, but that boat's sailed...

So here's what I did: Got an apartment in the city. Cheap and shitty, but it gives me a place to jam with other people, and my roommate and I set up a recording studio in our extra bedroom. I even went so far as to quit my $10/hr job for a $8/hr job just so I could walk to work and not have to worry about car expenses or finding a car in general.

It sounds like a steep move, but if you're hellbent on not driving, than it's definitely a viable option. It took me 6 months to plan it all out, but things are working out great.
Like the above people have mentioned, find a steady band you know you'll be in for quite a while, just get all of your equiptment to your practice area and leave it there. If your bandmates want to practice they will find a way to get your stuff there.

As for the transportation goes once your stuff is there. Like the above have mentioned; bus, taxi, bandmates (just pitch them for gas). If you guys have a dedicated day and time and they are all dedicated to be a band, then you will have no problem getting to practice.
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I don't think John Frusciante got his license for ages.
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Man the **** up and pass the test, drivings easy, the tests even easier (usually) i mean look at the state of some of the retards that are out there driving, even i passed first time and i shit myself for just about everything, if we can do it you can.

People react to stress in different ways. Not everyone's a natural born driver, and not everybody copes with the test environment as well as others :P

Well, admittedly I was in a bit of a panic the other night when I posted this and wasn't in a great mood - I haven't cancelled my test nor do I intend to, if I do pass then you know... All the better, won't have to compensate for lack of transport. Thanks for the help, guys.