I am looking at buying a 12 string emperador guitar from a friend and neither of us have a good idea of what the price should be. It works pretty well but all the strings need to be replaced, at least some of the bridge pins need to be replaced, the action is a bit high but I think I'll leave it as is, and the intonation as you go up the fretboard is a little off. I am not worried about her trying to get too much for it, I just really want to make sure I am not paying her too little for the guitar so any pricing suggestions would really be appreciated.
intonation problems may be related to the strings condition and even if it's not, in most cases it can be easily fixed with a few screws.

look for scraches, that's the kind of things that lowers the price of the guitar. if it's fully functional I'm sure new strings won't be the major problem..

how old is it?
hands down.
The company that made it went out of business in 1992 so it must be at least that old but beyond that I am not really sure