Hey everyone, my band is currently in studio almost done our first album and were getting towards the mixing stages. My singer has been doing some rough mixing and so far this is what we've got:


***EDIT: This is the latest mix: http://soundcloud.com/domflo/dazed-again-3/s-QZfr4

******EDIT: newer mix: http://soundcloud.com/domflo/dazed4/s-ZGVnr

**********EDIT: even newer mix: http://soundcloud.com/domflo/dazed8/s-AAwlt

I would greatly appreciate your input on the guitar, bass, drums and vox sound...and if anything should be changed, modified, or improved please let me know what you think!
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Guitars need more mids
Drums sound like a drum machine/virtual drums
Lead guitar in the verse needs to come out more
Solo doesn't stand out

Just a few thoughts after 1 pass
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Without sounding mean, there's almost no 'weight' or power to the track - it's like all the low end has been filtered out, with the exception of a tiny bit of bass guitar. Is there any compression being used? If not, I suggest some gets whacked on the kick, the toms, and the bass, pronto - and quite a high ratio too - before the overall level of those is brought up, along with some EQ to allow more low end to shine through... just be careful not to let it get muddy, but as long as you keep things as tight as they are, the low end just needs more power.

Secondly, the guitars are very... washy? They sound HPF'd too high up the freq. range. Considering the bass is playing quite a funky, RHCP-style most of the time, I suggest the guitars need more low end, so they can fill out the space missed by the bass not being stuck on any one note for very long. They could also do with a bit of a low-mid boost (like 400-600Hz sort of range). Then I'd suggest checking the mix in mono to get the level of the wide-panned guitars against the rest of the mix a bit more balanced, as I suspect they may be a little too high compared to everything else, and when the other stuff I've suggested is brought higher you may run the risk of hiding the vocals a tad!

Drums sound like they were tracked very well, but they have no body really. As already mentioned, kick needs more weight and so do the toms, for the short time they're used. Other than that, snare and kick both need to sit higher in the mix (bring up their faders, use compression to allow more volume boost) and the snare could do with a mid-boost to emphasise the actual transient impact of the snare (450-500Hz sort of range).

The good points though: everything is very tight, and the tracking was done very well compared to most of the stuff we see here! With the right mixing, which I suspect was hampered by the mixing environment more than the skill of the mix engineer, this would sound killer. Also, the vocals sound pretty ace and suit the song nicely. They're also one of the few elements of the mix that are a good level in the balance

On the whole though, this is very high compared to what is typically in this forum, and as a rarity I actually really liked this song - when it's all finished, let us know where we can get hold of it
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Thank you so much for your input! Means a lot.
I'll update this whenever we have a re-mixed version...And I will most definitely share once the album is complete!

(P.S. If you wanna check out more from my band you can check our youtube in my sig)
I thought there needs to be a whole lot more contrast in terms of dynamics between the intro and the part when the distorted guitars come in. As it is, it just doesn't carry the same punch as it should (also, turn down the gain a notch on the guitars). The mix should be more 'vibrant', it sounds a bit stale (I'd up the treble on the guitars and make the bass more prominent and up front). The verse is pretty good, everything sounds pretty balanced, but I'd make the vocals a bit quieter during the chorus. The solo was also really fitting in regards to the mix, no real complaints there.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1478845
Man I wish I could turn down the gain, but the all the guitars were already recorded for this album and I'm way too lazy to go back and redo shit lmao

but Thank you for the reply!
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Alright so after re-recording the guitars and a couple more remixing sessions we have this:


I still find that there is a significant lack of that deep low end pump and fullness of commercially mastered tracks. There's still something missing, it doesn't fill up the speakers like it should... How can I achieve that pro studio quality mastering?!

Any helpful advice/crit is appreciated!
The bass guitar's lack of low end is what's hurting the mix. The kick has a nice enough thud, but it's not enough to cover the whole low and sub regions. However, other parts of the mix where warmth and that fullness come from are also lacking in lows. For example, the snare has a great crack, but very little punch; a bit more in the 200hz area on the snare could really help fill things up. The toms are also really weak.

Would you be willing to post stems for this short section?
Thanks for the input, I am willing to post them but I don't think I'd be able to, or at least not for now... I don't have access to the tracks cause it's my singer who's recording everything and its all at his house.

Also, we realize the lack of lows in the bass but it's difficult to boost it without it getting all boomy and muddy
Duplicate your bass DI and and low pass the copy at about 200hz, compress/limit this copy until it's basically a solid line and blend it with your current bass track. This will allow you to fill out the foundation of the mix. If there are boomy or resonate frequencies in the low track, make sure first that it's not your room fooling you, and second, apply multi band compression to the culprit area to bring it down in volume with the rest of the notes.
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Impressed to see you commitment and that you're back again for more crit (and using the same thread rather than creating a new one each time like too many people here do) so congratulations for that!

Anyway, mix is pretty good (I'd forgotten about it, and I still love the middle section of that mix!) but the bass is still lacking power and volume in the mix - as Adam (Odirunn) said, you need to get a lot more of the low end from the bass in, and then blend it into the original bass track to get some low punch to the sound and to fill in what the distorted guitars are lacking.

I know you said it's hard to get hold of the stems, but even if your singer would let you upload an even shorter section of the song, with stems of (kick, snare, OH's and each tom; distorted guitar left, distorted guitar right, and cleaner guitars [though I suspect it was the same guitar tracks but with a distortion pedal switched in and out, no?]; vocals; and then bass) it would be really helpful for us to get an idea of just what can be physically done to the tracks and we'd have a better idea as to how much of the problem is in the mix and how much was in the tracking.

If you or your singer are unsure, all you need to do is export the tracks (with plug-ins bypassed/muted) to audio files, and then pop them all in a folder you can then compress (.zip is probably your best and easiest bet) and upload that .zip/.rar to somewhere like dropbox/rapid share/mega upload etc.

Would also let you see what you like about what people do with it - the way I envisage the track is to have a big, boomy kick a la John Bonham's Ludwig, with a touch of reverb on it, and then a nice snappy snare sound (though your snare sound isn't too shabby anyway, might I add) and the bass bopping about like in a classic RHCP track. Only thing I fear can't be fixed that I don't like is the distorted guitars - it's a personal thing, but they sound like a Boss DS-1 or OD-1 or similar going into a clean Fender Twin-style amp and that's a tone I can't stand, but many others like the sound so that's a love/hate thing lol.
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I liked the guitar tone much better on the 2nd mix. The 3rd mix sounds kinda distant and like the guitars have a blanket over them.
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Yeah some stuff definitely needs a bit more work but in my opinion I think it has improved a lot from the last mix, the bass foundation got a lot better and the track fills up nicely unlike the previous one.

We had the bass louder than this earlier today during mixing, but it just didn't sound that good, was just too loud and unnecessary. The guitars, they sound good to me, maybe a bit more adjustments are needed to get more of a badass bite and growl in it...to my ears though it sounds like stuff is moving forward.

Also, thanks so much for the feedback, appreciate that sh*t.
Hey man, I don't have time for a proper crit just now, but just for my two cents I actually prefer the Dazed mix3 one to the newer Dazed4.. It just seems to have more life, and the guitar sounds breathe a lot. Maybe try adding a little distortion or overdrive to the bass to fill up the low-mids it lacks? And I actually think the kick drum has enough body, I'd just add some EQ to bring out some of the high end 'click' to help it cut through the mix, and raise the drum levels as a whole.
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I think the last mix sounds cool. The bass might need some more power in bass ... I'm not good at mixing myself but thats just my thoughts.
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Alright thanks a lot guys, I'll be back with another mix and hopefully it will be epic.

I am back with another mix, hopefully you think it's epic too! We still need to add some backup vocals and harmonies here n there, tweak some frequencies and EQ, and set some volumes better but I think this has come along very nicely, so lemme know what you think! This time it's the whole song: