Hey guys, I'm looking for a new reverb pedal.. Something that can do "deep and dense" like the Cavernous reverb on POD Farm.
My limit would be $200-225.
I dont know how much they are but the TC Electronic NR-1 Reverb has a lot of cool sounds in it. If thats outside the budget, I'd recommend the ehx Holy Grail.

EDIT: the tc is $250 on musicians friend. A little outside the budget you've set, but worth it if you ask me.
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Get the Verbzilla, great pedal.

Or you could get an Electro-Harmonix Cathedral.
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Hardwire RV-7
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I've looked at the Holier Grail. I still don't know how I feel about it.
I like the Verbzilla because it has what I'm looking for. A pedal version of the POD Cavernous.
I'm also looking at an old Boss RV-3 because of the added delay modes. I think I can come up with some nifty sounds with my DD-6 in front of the RV-3 with the delay+reverb setting.
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Strymon BlueSky, pretty expensive, but it sounds amazing.

Agree you
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TC Electronic hall of fame reverb.
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If you want Cavernous, get the Verbzilla, plain and simple. It's my go to reverb function. I also have the RV-3 as well as the Verbzilla.

RV-3 setting 7 into Cave with mix and dwell past noon + tremolo picking = sex.
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TC Electronic hall of fame reverb.

I recently bought one of these, and can't imagine needing more out of a reverb pedal.

On the cathedral/church setting, with the decay turned up all the way, you have 20 seconds of decay. (meaning, you pick a note, mute it, and it takes 20 seconds for the sound to finally fade away.) With that setting, I can play the most haunting stuff ever...and it kind of adds a shimmer too, like a chorus, but better; it's more natural sounding. It also has a modulate setting that actually adds a chorus to your wet signal, but it modulates a little too fast for my taste - only useful for a few songs I play.

I'm sure there are other pedals that are good too, but for $150, I'm very, very happy with mine.