Poll: did you have to wear Braces?
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100 46%
116 54%
Voters: 216.
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Yes, teeth are still kinda messed up though.
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Like going fast?
No lol

I think I'll just get like a fake tooth, only one of them is noticeably (as in very) crooked.

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Lisa Needs Braces

Dental Plan!
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Nope. I don't need them apart from a very small overbite and one of my bottom teeth is pushed back slightly. The idea of touching my teeth with my tongue and not feeling that familiar pushed back tooth was too weird for me so I didn't bother getting braces. I think I'll live.
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Had them from December 06 to September 08. Have a permanent retainer across the inside of 5 or so bottom teeth. Used to have a top retainer but it got bent and screwed up one of my teeth so that had to be fixed with a clear plastic retainer.

I got told I have really straight teeth by 3 people on Sunday so I guess it worked?
Still got em dude. Had out eighth anniversary in July, actually
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Yes, teeth are still kinda messed up though.

This. Curse my genetics
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They recommended that I'd wear them, but I said **** you I wont do what you tell me.

Dont you mean **** you I wont do what you recommend me?
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Fuck you I won't do what you strongly suggest I should do?
I want to read your essays and blogs of the artistic nature!

Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist.

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All these random polls are fulfilling my day.

And no I never wore them. Only nerds did. Freaking nerds.

I was teased in school.
Wore them for... 2-3 years. I can't even remember. They were beyond shitty. Now I have to wear retainers, I'm supposed to wear them every second of every day outside of eating, but I only wear them at night. Shh, don't tell my dentist!
Wore them for 2 years and now they're k'.
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No. I don't have perfect teeth and I don't care
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I had a retainer to begin with for 1 year. Then train tracks for 3 years. Then an overnight retainer thingy. Was hell, but my teeth are now nice and straight It was worth it.
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No, but my teeth are on the very edge of what classifies "not needing them".
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ohhh yes and will do when I look like this


No I didn't
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No. I have small gaps between most of my front teeth, but nothing too bad (IMO), and it's never been an issue so I don't really feel getting braces would be worth it.
No, Ts. I am not a disgusting loser, I never had braces.

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While I need them to get my teeth pointing straight up instead of pointing towards my inner mouth, I will not get them. More pain than pay.
Yeah for two years, totally worth it.
The plan was to drink until the pain over.
But what's worse, the pain or the hangover?
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Lisa Needs Braces


i wore em as a kid, made eating a pain in the arse but hey ho, now my perfect straight teeth leave the women faint with delight, or some shit.
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I did, but I didn't take proper care of them. They broke a lot. My teeth are better than they were (which was never that bad anyway), but not as good as they could have been.
I had them, I got them off a month ago. Had to wear a retainer for the past month but now its only at night that I have to wear my retainer, should be only when I'm sleeping but I put them in if I'm still awake past 11.

IThey have changed my teeth dramaticly and now my smile looks so much better
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