Hi all,

Ive been taking Guitar lessons now for about 3 month and started to play about a month before that on my own. (so 4 month in total)

My question is to all you experienced players is how far would you expect the average person to be after playing this amount of time. Bearing in mind that all people are different.

Many thanks
After 3 months, I'd expect a fairly decent knowledge of chords, maybe a few scales, especially with lessons.
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Thanks for the quick replies guys.

I do put as much practice in as possible everyday.

I think i must be doing quite well i know and can play and change between fairly quickly around a dozen regular chords. i can play a number of songs all the way through and at the correct song speed with picking too for example green day "good riddance" which i was really pleased with.

Ive learned pattern 1 of the minor pent scale.

Im now just starting on power chords and a little dable of E shape barre chord.(major and minor)

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It all depend really. I started out learning open chords when i was first learning, while my friend where learning power chords and playing pop punk songs.

After 3 months i think i had down all the open chords, starting to get my barre chords to work a little better. Also doing abit for easy fingerpicking, like house of the rising sun.