Hi all,
this is my first post in the forum and i swear i looked through it to find something to answer my question but i failed, so here i am.

I would like to add some tablature to UG in the chord format (like this for example ) but i cannot find anywhere instructions on how to write this kind of tablature.

So the question is, how can i write a tablature like the one in the example, with the notes displayed and recognized, upon the lyrics?

Thank you a lot,
UG does it automatically, you don't have to worry about it.
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Thank you for your answer gynther flynt!
But my doubt is relative to this chord tablature:


As you can see some notes are not "displayed" while others are. Should the notes within brackets always be on a separate line and not in the middle of text? Is it this the problem? Or you should not use brackets at all?

Ok i think i figure it out!
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We've just highlighted the chords in brackets in this tab !
We made a new tool for moderators and now they can highlight chords in brackets too. So you can use them but It's not recommended because this format is not so comfortable to read for users.