Hey guys, not sure if this is the right place for this, but whatev.

id like to learn a complete metallica song, but not too complicated. i can do some basic 3string sweeps, and 2 string arpeggios and legato. im fairly good at tapping also. i suck at fast bending, so dont say Fade to Black, and One was too hard for me, as was Master.

Any advice?
Fade To Black intro solo is pretty easy. I don't see how it's possible to not be able to play it if you can already do sweeps and taps. Master Of Puppets harmony and James' solos are also easy.
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i learnt for whom the bell tolls in about half an hour and seek and destroy is quite easy

Hope u mean the solo - the tab for it looks tricky. is it actually that easy?

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How about Suicide and Redemption? Or the Judas Kiss? Both songs are fun and easy to play.

Judas Kiss looks pretty easy. Ill give it a shot, thanks!

Master Of Puppets.w/ solo Enter Sandman w/solo, One w/solo. All three of those are about intermediate level. And they're also three of their most famous songs, so you can't go wrong there. Or with any Metallica really.
Master of Puppets isn't too hard, I'd try it again. I started learning that song after playing maybe 8-9 months. Granted, it took awhile to get it down, mainly because my picking hand wasn't yet fast enough to play the riff cleanly. Kind of off-topic a bit, but Symphony of Destruction from Megadeth is pretty easy, and really fun to play. Since it seems you're into thrash I'd get the tab for that too.