I have a Fender 12 string acoustic and have had it for years. About eight times out of ten when I restring it the top G string breaks when tuning to standard pitch. This does seem to be a common problem with 12 string guitars, but I just wondered if the best solution is to detune half a step and use a capo or is there another answer? I re string working up from two bottom E strings then the A, D, G and B strings to the top E strings, so, am I in fact doing anything wrong?
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probably the guitar's fault, not yours. did you check where the along the string it's breaking? there might be something sharp on the nut or saddle that is breaking the string.
my gf's Vintage V400-12 has never had a problem with this.

as the man in the relationship it's always left to me to change guitar strings on our combined 7 guitars... and i've changed the strings on the 12-string twice now, the last time was actually last week. i don't know if i'm lucky or whatever but yeh, i've never had a problem with any of the strings on it.
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Mine stopped breaking hi-G's when I bought several spares!
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Seriously...look for a sharp spot on the peg or bridge. Try winding that string differently or whatever?
My yamaha had a ding in the nut that every now and then would catch the string just right when restringing to cause it to snap. So as the others said it may be along those lines...
Thanks for all your replies, I'll check give the guitar a good check and let you know of my findings. Cheers!