so one day i was strolling through gumtree (virtually strolling) and i came across a parker p40, i didn't know much about parker so i thought i'd do some research, started a thread on here, got a good price from the seller so i bought it,

bit of an ugly guitar bag

(barely fits on the wall hanger)

i am majorly impressed with the stock pickups, the bridge is very bright and articulate under high gain and clean, the neck pickup is very smooth, perfect for sikth/aliases style tapping, i haven't had a chance to fully use the middle pickup as i've only received the guitar today,

the piezo system is very interesting, makes the guitar sound remarkably like an electro acoustic, that is the purpose i know but it is very convincing, and opens up the opportunity for more tones, especially useable tones.

i haven't had a chance to play around with the vibrato bridge as it didnt come with a trem arm , it seems relatively stable, doesn't have double locking but im not a big fan of tremelo wankery,

overall i am really pleased with the guitar, it looks amazing and it sounds amazing, i might upload sound clips but depends whether there is a demand and whether i have the time, the guitar was in immaculate condition apart from a small dent which wouldn't come up in photographs (its that small/insignificant)
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I love Parker guitars! Except for the headstock but that's nothing I can't get past.

I have to be honest I don't really like Parker guitars.

Anyway, Glad you like it HNGD!
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sexy finish hngd!
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that's nice


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Quote by Kyleisthename
How much did you pick that up for?

I've been gasing for a Parker for 4 or 5 years now.


i actually love the headstock, so different to all the other guitars i have (jackson, esp, schecter,) the other guitar maker with a headstock design similar (that i know of) is black machine and your looking into a few thousand for those
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Quote by MonsterMetalMus
nice guitar, but that color reminds me of how play-dough smells and tastes

Damn i really want to nom some playdough right now even though i'm 17. I used to eat that shit all the time. I miss the days of eating playdough and not being socially excluded

anyways man HNGD