Yesterday I finally got my Pro Tools M-Powered Essential 8.0.3, but it isn't quite working, as you can hear. The problem also doesn't appear on all tracks. I started off programming the drums and everything was fine. Then I recorded the bassline and still everything was working, when I started recording this guitar track everything was normal, until I tried to listen to it. The same problem also appeared yesterday but in the other order, the problem was on the bass track when the guitar was recorded and working fine. Please help me with this. Also be fast, 'cause if I can't get it working I only have 30 days to send it back.

How did you record the guitars? Micing an amp or direct?
Did you change any settings from their original values? Like, when you got it and were experimenting around, did you click anything and change a setting somewhere?
Haven't changed any settings yet and I don't have a mic, so I recorded it directly through the interface.
You're using M-Powered Essentials which is a bug riddled version of Pro Tools. Upgrade to PT9.

That or start using Reaper
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