I have a little issue with my pinky and ring finger. When I go to hit a not with my pinky my ring finger follows contracting right along side it. I was wandering if anyone out there has a way to remedy this. Thanks for any and all help.
It just takes time and practice to build up more dexterity. try some finger exercises like 1-2-3-4 and 1-3-2-4 back and forth, up and down the neck. Do it enough time and sooner or later you will train your fingers to do what you want.
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Practice, a lot!
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Try practicing trills between your third finger and pinky. (You will find it pretty brutal at first.)
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Trills helped me alot to get started on having more control over those 2 fingers, but what helped alot was streching trills. Like instead of doing 5h6p5 all the time with the ring and pinky. you do 1 fret apart. 5h7p5. If you manage to get that clean and practice moving it around it does wonders.
Yeah it takes time. Although, that "mistake" can be beneficial when learning some techniques, like barre chords. You want that ring and pinky close together all the time for E shaped chords.
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check out the section in Guthrie Govan's book about.developing independence. You can't go wrong!
Major part of finger independence is breaking the reflex of finger(s) moving in reaction to the motions of a another finger.
This can most definitely be trained out and minimized by just about anyone.
Look up freepowere's youtube video concerning finger independence. It's an excellent thorough lesson on the topic.